We want people to enjoy the outdoors, the beach and our beautiful rivers.

Take a short 10 minute stroll through our riverine bush to enjoy the peace and tranquility of Bushman’s River, and maybe a spot of fishing. Or enjoy the prolific variety of bird life that surrounds you.

Alternatively, enjoy a day at one of the 3 beautiful beaches of Kenton-on-Sea or visit the town for some great shopping which is only 3km away. From Woodlands and nearby you have the option to experience kayaks, paddle boats, river cruises, bush walks and horse riding. We also get good rates from the nearby game reserve called Sibuya for day trips to see the Big 5 and we are 70 km from Addo Elephant Park.


Bookings: Please call Gail on 061 254 0229

The River Cruise on “ Howzit” is a special experience for early mornings or late evenings. This chilled river cruise takes between 1,5 and 2 hours and is available for a maximum of 12 people at a time. Strict safety policies apply with regard to children.

The Kariega River is usually our choice for the cruise, which starts either at the slipway or slightly up river from Cob Bay. Birding and Wildlife fanatics will be thrilled by the spectacular and exciting sights along the river bank. In summer a cool dip in the river is an option.

Guests can bring their own refreshments and are advised to pack a hat, water, sunblock, a towel, a camera, and binoculars.


Bookings: Please call Gail on 061 254 0229

The kayak trips are a firm favourite, either starting from the slipway or from further up the river at Cob Bay. This is a time based outing determined by the tide, weather and energy for the adventure.

The kayaks seat 2 people, and are easily steered. The quiet, fresh and free space you enter will bring unexpected and amazing sightings of birds and animals. Since the rivers do pass through a Big 5 Game Reserve, roaming on the banks is not recommended.

A guide can be arranged at an additional cost. Should you choose to navigate on your own, cellular signal is available for most of the way in case of emergencies.

We always have happy guests coming back from these trips.


Fishing is great in this area. Fishermen can opt for one of the two tidal rivers or the offshore experience.

Many people prefer going to Port Alfred for a seat on a deep sea boat, but guests who have their own licenced vessel, and who know the sea, can launch from Middle Beach.

The river fishing is seasonal and most of the fish caught are cob, grunter, skipjack, leevis and Kariega cracker (flatty). Mud prawn, sardine, live mullet and chokka are the most popular types of bait used.

No serious shark attacks have been reported in the area, but divers have spotted the lazy Ragged Tooth who is neither aggressive nor man-eating.


Imagine riding along unspoilt beaches, crossing rivers and galloping alongside Africa’s wildlife…then reminiscing about the day’s riding around the fire at night. Beachcomber Horse Trails takes you on the ride of your life!

Bookings: rides@beachrides.co.za | +27 83 281 3322



Various team building packages available either in Kenton, or Port Alfred. Please contact Outdoor Focus:
CELL: 076 593 0749


At Woodlands Cottages we are extremely fortunate to be located in the middle of Big 5 heaven. The famous Addo National Park and the Woody Cape Dune and Forest Reserve (a national heritage site) are within 70kms of our door.

5kms from us are the local game reserves, Sibuya and Kariega Park. Viewing the animals roaming in an authentic and original space within the 5 biomes is a treat not to be missed. We would be happy to arrange special rates for day trips (subject to availability).

Choose Woodlands Cottages for a simple, affordable, safe and well-priced stay – the ideal base from which to enjoy these phenomenal animal viewing experiences.

Addo National Park is an absolute must-see.

45 mins from Woodlands, hundreds of majestic elephants roam this enormous park. Sharing their home are animals such as the Lion, disease-free Cape Buffalo, Spotted Hyena, Lynx, Impala, Duiker, Kudu, and the curious little Dung Beetle.

Choose to self-drive, or allow us to arrange the trip and pack a picnic for your day trip to Addo.

Woody Cape Nature Reserve - Addo

A quick 35kms from Woodlands is the Woody Cape Nature Reserve which forms part of the greater Addo Reserve.

This lush 20 000 hectare forest is truly magical. Visitors will have the unique privilege of seeing, hearing and smelling one of the few untouched parts of our world where trees and plants have never been farmed or converted for man. The hikes, birdwatching and photographic opportunities at Woody Cape have been described as “life-changing”.

Stroll under a canopy of forest trees, listen to the chorus of the bird life, rest and enjoy a picnic on a log or bench. This is a tranquil and unforgettable experience.

The forest backs an expanse of dune fields on the Eastern extreme where the rainfall is considerably higher than average. These dunes fields, running 60km to Port Elizabeth and 6 km inland at certain points, are currently being evaluated as a World Heritage Site.

The Woody Cape reserve also covers Bird Island, 5 km out to sea, breeding ground of the Great White Shark. Trips to the island can be arranged from Port Elizabeth harbour.

Although the vegetation is designated as Tongaland-Pondoland lowland forest, it has Afromontane affinities. Dominant trees include Ochna, Apodytes, Cassine and Sideroxion, while frequently sub-dominants include Euclea, Pittosporum, Rapanea, Strychnos, Pteroceiastrus and Schotia.

Some of the mammals in the forest include Bushbuck, Cape Grysbok, Steenbok, Grey Duiker, Vervet Monkey, and Small and Grey Mongoose.

Perhaps the most exciting element of the forest is the 400 bird species perched in the trees.

Birding Outing

Birding in our bush, in our estuaries or shores is prolific. We have about 400 species active in our area. Due to all the game reserves , Addo national park and the sea reserves the natural surrounds allow special freedom for the birdlife to live freely. All along Route72 ( 350 km) there are numerous location to enjoy the walking or sitting space to test your skills or search the elusive one you have not ticked off your list. There are aplenty experienced and knowledgeable groups or individuals that will gladly assist in your explore.